Visiting Master Artist Workshops

November 2016 through April 2017


The Armory's Visiting Master Artist Workshop Series brings together participants and contemporary master artists from all over the country for unparalleled educational experiences. Now in its 18th year, the series caters to artists of all skill levels and diverse disciplines. The Visiting Master Artist Workshop Series was carefully designed to offer opportunities to study with the best of today's master artists working in the areas of ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, painting, and drawing.

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Forms with a Voice
Instructor: Candone Wharton
January 19 – 21, 2017
Tuition: $350

Enrollment Deadline: December 22, 2016
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This workshop is designed to share Candone’s world of experience in ceramics and to inspire the student with her clay weaving and carving techniques. Demonstrations will focus on developing skill and confidence in using the Raku technique.

Candone Wharton's first studio was on the island of Ibiza, Spain. Her resources were limited and her studio and kiln were primitive. Her introduction to clay involved only the use of her hands and the simplest of tools. Today she uses a slab roller and a few kitchen utensils to create textures on slabs and pinched bases. Wharton earned a BFA from the University of Georgia and has taught ceramics at the Lunds University, Malmo, Sweden; and the Gaya Ceramic Art Center in Bali, Indonesia.


Nature Tradition: Cultivating Inspirations in Clay
Instructor: Adam Field
February 2 – 4, 2017
Tuition: $350

Enrollment Deadline: January 5, 2017

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In this three-day workshop, Adam Field will demonstrate traditional Korean Onggi coil and paddle techniques as well as his methods for carving intricate patterns on wheel-thrown porcelain. From ancient Korean techniques to innovative solutions for timeless problems, participants will develop a new perspective on creating and decorating functional pottery.

Adam Field earned his BA in art from Fort Lewis College. He spent most of 2008 in Icheon, South Korea, studying traditional Korean pottery making techniques under 6th generation Onggi master Kim Ill Maan. In 2013 he created and premiered Hide-N-Seekah at the NCECA conference in Houston, Texas. Adam is now a full-time studio potter in Helena, MT. His works are included internationally in private collections and kitchen cabinets.


Clay Fab Lab: 3D Printing for the Studio
Instructors: Anna Calluori Holcombe and Charlie Cummings
March 17 – 18, 2017

Tuition: $225
Enrollment Deadline: February 17, 2017
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3D Printing has opened a new world of form and surface possibilities in ceramics. This workshop will introduce the use of accessible modeling software, 3D scanning, and preparation of models for printing. These technologies will be used to produce forms, print directly with clay, and to make tools such as stamps and springs.

Anna Calluori Holcombe received an MFA in ceramics from Louisiana State University and is a professor of ceramics at the University of Florida. Her recent ceramic work utilizes digital technologies for form and imagery. Anna exhibits her work both nationally and internationally and is a Fellow of NCECA, a member of the International Academy of Ceramics, and a Fulbrighter.


Charlie Cummings has focused on incorporating interdisciplinary technologies, such as 3D printing and laser cutting, in his studio practice since 2006.  His work can be found in significant collections including the Crocker Art Museum and the Dalai Lama’s personal collection.


Dynamic Decals
Instructor: Justin Rothshank
April 6 – 8, 2017
Enrollment Deadline: March 9, 2016
Tuition: $350
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Students will learn how to transfer their own imagery onto ceramic works using a variety of decal techniques. This workshop will cover image preparation, printing, transferring, layering of imagery, using commercial decals, and firing temperatures for various types of decals. There will be discussions about production and marketing techniques for the studio potter including daily production, social media, and small business efficiency.

Justin Rothshank is a studio potter whose works have been exhibited internationally and published in Ceramics Monthly, American Craft, Studio Potter, and The Log Book. Justin has been a presenter, panelist, visiting artist, and artist-in-residence at numerous universities, conferences, and art centers through the US and abroad. In 2012 Justin released an instructional DVD titled Ceramics Decals: New Ideas and Techniques, published by Ceramic Arts Daily. Currently his functional and decorative ceramic wares are available for purchase in more than three dozen galleries and gift shops around the country.



Incredible Color and Depth with Cloisonné Enamel
Instructor: Ricky Frank
November 30 – December 3, 2016
Tuition: $450

Enrollment Deadline: November 2, 2016

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Beginner level students will learn the cloisonné technique with an easy step-by-step process and then continue using their own ideas and imagery. Intermediate students will learn the basics of creating pattern and texture in their cloisonné using gold and silver foil elements. Students will develop vocabulary about enamel throughout the workshop. Each student will have many opportunities to explore, play, and challenge themselves to make personal enamel pieces.

Ricky Frank graduated with a psychology degree, but, after seeing the cloisonné enamel jewelry by Gael Silverblatt, he decided that he would learn to make enamels. After much practice, experimentation, and training through workshops, Ricky began exhibiting at high-end craft shows such as the Smithsonian Craft Show. He has taught at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, The National Enamelist Society, Florida Society of Goldsmiths, and the National Enamelist Guild in Washington, DC. His career is a balance between creating art and teaching, allowing him to put his psychology background to good use as he focuses on confidence building as a part of his teaching approach.


Wood Jewelry
Instructor: Daniel DiCaprio
January 5 – 7, 2017
Tuition: $350

Enrollment Deadline: December 8, 2016
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Students will focus on woodcarving techniques with an emphasis on jewelry applications. They will use traditional and contemporary practices to create ornate, light-weight, wearable objects. No previous wood or jewelry experience is required and a demonstration on safety with all tools and techniques will be covered.

Daniel DiCaprio is the assistant professor of metalwork and jewelry at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Daniel is represented by Charon Kransen Arts in New York City. Through this gallery he has participated in the Sculpture Objects Functional Art & Design (SOFA) exhibitions annually since 2008. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in Japan, Korea, Italy, Spain, and Germany.


Enamel Surface Design
Instructor: Kathleen Wilcox
February 9 – 11, 2017
Tuition: $380

Enrollment Deadline: January 12, 2017
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In this workshop students will learn how to incorporate various surface design techniques with the screen printed image. The course begins with an exploration of fun special effects such as opaque veil, firescale, underglaze chalks, and wet flow. Students will then combine surface design techniques with screen printing. Techniques are taught step-by-step, leaving plenty of time to explore and expand upon the possibilities of enamel surface designs.

Kathleen Wilcox has been an enamelist and educator for over 30 years. She teaches studio enamel classes at art centers like the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. Since 1986, Kathleen has been producing enamel wall pieces and enamel jewelry. Her award-winning enamel work is exhibited and sold in national juried shows, galleries, and at art festivals. Her works are published in The Art of Enameling and 500 Enameled Objects.



Mokume-gane: Wood Grain Pattern in Metal
Instructor: Eric Burris
March 30 – April 1, 2017
Tuition: $350

Deadline to Register: March 2, 2017
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Mokume-gane, or wood grain metal, is a traditional Japanese technique in which two or more different metals are cleaned, alternately stacked, clamped, and heated to a high temperature. The result is the fusing of all layers into a solid block of metal, or billet. Participants will make their own copper and silver billet, learn to pattern, and make a seamless ring using the washer method. Beginning jewelry/metals skills are required.

Eric Burris has been working with the Mokume-gane technique for 15 years. The Mokume-gane technique is known for alluring wood-like patterns and is the primary focus of his workshops. He teaches jewelers and metalsmiths a low-tech, low-cost, and efficient method of making traditional fusion bonded Mokume-gane. He currently resides in Silver Spring, MD, with his printmaker partner, Gretchen.



Creative Patterning: Photo Plating, Kum-bu, and Gold Bi-Metal
Instructor: Juan Carlos Caballero Perez
March 2 – 4, 2017
Tuition: $400

Enrollment Register: February 2, 2017
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Students in this course will create metal objects and jewelry by using photo-resistance for plating in silver. 24k overlay or kum-bu will be incorporated on fine and sterling silver sheet for patterning configurations. Students will learn to maximize the design potential of bi-metals by experimenting with carving and scoring patterns. Students will also utilize roll-pinning, hammer texturing, and flex-shaft texturing. 

Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez is a Mexican metal artist and educator who came to the US in 1986.  He has worked as a professor in the Metals Program at Rochester Institute of Technology since 2001. Juan Carlos is a New York Foundation of the Arts fellowship recipient and his work is in several publications including 30-Minute Necklace, Breaking Ground: A Century of Craft Art in Western New York, On Body and Soul Contemporary Armor, and Amulets.  In addition to jewelry, Carlos’ work includes the creation of several large public sculptures including work located at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Pieters Family Life Center, ArtWalk Rochester, and Rochester Institute of Technology.

Observation and Imagination: Painting the Figure and the Natural World
Instructor: Ying Li
December 12 – 16, 2016
Tuition: $600

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This workshop explores painting techniques and concepts with an emphasis on the development of style and theme. Working from live models and landscapes, students will discover how a basic image can be transformed into a personal statement, and are encouraged to experiment with ideas and techniques to develop their own personal expression. Presentations on the works of masters and contemporary artists will be presented to complement studio and landscape projects in classes. This workshop is designed for both abstract and representational artists.

Ying Li is a painter and professor of fine arts at Haverford College. She has exhibited at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, The National Academy Museum, the New York Studio School, Tibor de Nagy Gallery, and the Centro Incontri Umani Ascona, Switzerland. Li’s work has been reviewed in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Art Forum, and Art in America.



Figure Painting Workshop
Instructor: Steven Assael
February 6 – 10, 2017
Tuition: $800
Enrollment Deadline: January 9, 2017

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In this five-day figure painting workshop, Steven Assael will address structural issues in regard to both form and function. Topics covered will include proportion, anatomy, light, color, and the development of form. This course will include lectures, demonstrations, and critiques.

Steven Assael is an American painter who attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York and at The New York Academy of Art. His portrayal of the human image is empathic, ennobling, and psychologically penetrating. Assael’s figure compositions synthesize the characteristics of past masters with a selective eye for the present and blends contemporary techniques with those of the past.


Landscape Painting with Stanley Lewis
Instructor: Stanley Lewis
February 20 – 24, 2017
Tuition: $530

Enrollment Deadline: January 23, 2017
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Students will practice the basic techniques of outdoor landscape painting including technical aspects of color-mixing, painting surfaces, and becoming totally portable. Visual aspects of how to deal with changing light conditions and interpreting the landscape for personal expression will also be taught. All levels of experience are welcome.

Stanley Lewis was born and raised in Somerville, New Jersey. He received a BA from Wesleyan University and an MFA from Yale. He has taught at the Kansas City Art Institute, Smith College, American University, New York Studio School, and Chautauqua School of Art. He has been a guest lecturer/visiting artist at over thirty colleges and institutions. Stanley was a longtime member of the Bowery Gallery in New York City. In 2005 he was a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship.


Basic, but Not Boring: A Still Life Workshop
Instructor: Mary Jo Vath
March 6 – 10, 2017
Tuition: $500

Enrollment Deadline: February 6, 2017
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Still life arrangements present a stage for the artist upon which anything can happen! Students will paint a still life as the perfect way to enhance skills and either learn or revisit the fundamentals. This workshop will be a concentrated painting workout in a mistake-friendly atmosphere. Throughout the workshop emphasis will be placed on one-on-one hands-on instruction tailored to each individual. The workshop is suitable for painters at all levels including absolute beginners. Oil paint is preferred, but not required.


Mary Jo Vath is a painter who lives and works in New York City. She has taught painting at the School of Visual Arts in NYC for more than twenty years and has recently started a studio arts program in Oaxaca, Mexico


Junk in Disguise: Mask Making Using Found Objects
Instructor: Tedd McDonah
December 1 – 3, 2016
Tuition: $350

Enrollment Deadline: November 3, 2016
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There are transformative powers of art making through using found objects, cast-offs, and natural materials. Students will explore ways of connecting similar or dissimilar materials, deconstructing/reconstructing, and displaying formats in order to assemble a mask of their own creation.

Tedd McDonah was born and raised in rural western Wisconsin and currently lives in Millersville, PA, where he works in and maintains both jewelry and blacksmithing studios. His training in metals, blacksmithing, and sculpture came from the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse, where he earned a BS in Art, and in 2001 Tedd received an MFA from Arizona State University. He is a part-time studio artist and adjunct professor at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. Tedd McDonah has conducted visiting artist workshops at Stephen F. Austin State University, East Carolina University, and Northern Michigan University.


The Porcelain Still Life: Making and Methods in Presentation
Instructor: Kelly O’Briant
January 12 – 14, 2017
Tuition: $350 plus clay fee of $25

Enrollment Deadline: December 15, 2016
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Students will incorporate formal, technical, and conceptual elements to make groupings of porcelain still lifes inspired by everyday objects. They will learn expressionistic approaches and fast working techniques for porcelain. Discussion topics include design, composition, choice of materials, technical aspects of materials, and problem solving for presentations in various environments.

Kelly O’Briant earned an MFA from Arizona State University in 2014. The National Council for Education on the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) named her an Emerging Artist in 2015. Kelly is a postgraduate research fellow in 3D ceramic printing technologies and ceramic production methods at West Virginia University.




Sculpting the Female Torso
Instructor: Peter Rubino
March 1 – 3, 2017
Tuition: $500 plus clay fee of $25

Enrollment Deadline: February 1, 2017
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This instructor guides students through the process of creating a 24” to 30” female torso in clay. Students will learn a step-by-step method of arranging clay blocks according to the position, proportion, and planes of the model before shaping the anatomy. Peter will also demonstrate surface enhancement techniques to achieve a finished product. Additionally, the class will learn how to hollow and mount their completed sculptures

Peter Rubino has taught at many prestigious institutions such as The Brooklyn Museum Art School and The National Academy Museum School of Fine Art. Peter specializes in portrait sculpture and has captured the likeness of luminaries such as President Obama, jazz icon Dave Brubeck, and baseball legends Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.


Steeling the Old Masters: From Canvas to Large Metal Reliefs
Instructor: Brian Painter
March 15 – 18, 2017
Tuition: $375

Enrollment Deadline: February 15, 2017
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Students will take inspiration from their favorite master artists to produce large metal relief sculptures out of steel rod, sheeting, and found metal objects (on student supply list). Students will learn various processes in welding, forging, fabrication, and finishing as well as thoughtful design approaches for pushing a small two-dimensional image into a large three-dimensional relief. Further discussions will include composition and presentation, choice of materials, problem solving, and safety

Brian Painter received his MFA in sculpture from the University of Arizona and has been an associate professor and head of sculpture at Northern Arizona University since 2004. He has exhibited his work nationwide in public and outdoor venues. Brian specializes in multiple metal working processes including fabrication, casting, and forging as well as in kinetics and neon. He enjoys the physical processes involved in working with metal and finds much of his recent inspiration during trips along the Colorado River.


Registration Details

Registration details

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• All major credit cards are accepted and checks are made payable to the Armory Art Center.

• Refunds or transfers are not permitted if requested with less than five weeks’ notice. After five weeks no refunds will be issued due to a student’s failure to attend the workshop.

• Payment in full per workshop will be refunded less a fee of $100 provided the Armory receives five weeks’ notice prior to the start of the workshop.

• Payments for workshop that are not held due to insufficient enrollments will be refunded in full.


Any workshop that doesn’t achieve sufficient enrollment will be canceled and the registrants will be contacted by the Armory Art Center. Please make your travel and accommocation arrangements within the four-week timeframe prior to the workshop.

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