Our Donors

We would like to kindly acknowledge the generosity of the people and organizations who have supported the Armory Art Center over the past 12 months. The following donors have supported the Armory through general donations and event sponsorships.

For more information about how to support the Armory, please contact Ellen Vaughan, Chief of Development. The Armory Art Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Qualified charitable donations are tax deductible as detailed under IRS regulations.

Gifts over $50,000

Florida Dept. of State Division of Cultural Affairs
Mrs. Mary Hulitar
Palm Beach County Commission

Gifts of $25,000 - $49,999

Mr. and Mrs. Saul Kravecas 
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Brown
Edward T. Bedford Foundation 
Mrs. Mary Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Morrison 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Silpe
Mr. David Veselsky and Mr. Ken Elias 
Ms. Jan Willinger


Gifts of $10,000 - $24,999

Ms. Elaine Adler
Anonymous Donor
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Baum 
Mrs. Susan Lovejoy
Mrs. Lillian Miotto
PNC Wealth Management 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rabb 
Ms. Elizabeth Schumacher 
Mr. Tim Sotos
Mr. Robert Spiegel

Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999

Bridge Family Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Butler 
Mr. Orlando Chiang
Mr.  Anthony Jordan
Henry Kimelman Family Foundation 
Mrs. Simone Goldblum
Ms. Laura Grauer
Dr. and Mrs. Jaime Lambrecht 
Ms. Margaret Long
Mr.  Chester Luby
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mason 
Ms. Susan Taylor
Mr. Robert Wechsler

Gifts of $1,000 - $4,999

Artists' Guild
Mr. and Mrs. William Aylward 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Birnant
Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties
Ms. Elizabeth Dubin 
First Republic Bank 
Mr. Bruce Fischman
Florida Glass Alliance
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gewirz 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Giuffrida 
Mr. Joseph Goldblum
Gould-Shenfeld Family Foundation Ms. Debra Greenberg
Ms. Jacquelyn Grimm
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Halpert 
Ms. Emeline Haney
Mr. and Mrs. Torrence Harder 
Mr. Thomas Harvey
Ms. Cynthia Hochman
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Kaftan 
Ms. Jeanne Kanders
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Katz 
Ms. Susan Keenan
Mr. and Mrs. John Kessler 
Mr. Jeff Koons
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kramer 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lane 
Dr. and Mrs. Ben Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lichtenberg 
Ms. Susan Lloyd
Ms. Donna Long 
Ms. Jodi Luby 
Ms. Kelly Luchini
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Masterman 
Ms. Sally McNamara
Merrill G. & Emita E.Hastings Foundation 
Mr. David Moscow
Ms. Susan Nernberg 
Ms. Mary Pappas 
Ms. Marilyn Pincus
PJ Callahan Foundation, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Porten 
Ms. Barbara Prine
Publix Supermarket Charities
Ms. Patricia Raber 
Mr. Jack Rosenberg 
Ms. Libby Royer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schoeffer 
Ms. Jane Shalam
Sharkey Family Foundation 
Mrs. Sally Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Dom Telesco 
Mr. Brinkley Thorne
Ms. Sarah Trulaske 
Mr. Michael Tyler 
Ms. Tamara Watkins 
Ms. Sheryl Wood
Ms. Stephanie Wrightsman 
Ms. Judith Zachs


Gifts of $500 - $999

Ms. Ann Ames
Mr. Jonathan Andrews 
Mr. and Mrs. David Ball 
Mr. Robert Barra
Mr. Randy Charles 
Mr. David Charlowe
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Curtis 
Ms. Roni Doppelt
Ms. Hermine Drezner 
Ms. Kathryn Fox
Ms. Catherine Frantzis 
Ms. Susan Gardner
Ms. Susan Gibson 
Ms. Barbara Golden 
Mr. Gerald Goldsmith 
Ms. Roberta Gootrad 
Ms. Kelly Gotlieb
Mr. Richard Grossman 
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Haft 
Mr. Steven Hartman
Mr. Myron Hendel 
Mr. Bob Hiemstra 
Jerry's Artarama 
JTK Foundation 
Ms. Vicki Kellogg 
Mr. Roger Loeb
Ms. Leigh Lombardi 
Ms. Daisey Merey
Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer 
Mr. David Miller
Ms. Patricia Mintmire 
Ms. Wilma Mooney
Mr. Vin O'Neill
Ms. Mary Ourisman 
Mr. Bernard Perry 
Mr. Edward Ricci
Ms. Lorraine Rinella
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rogow 
Ms. Linda Rossbach
Ms. Carole Ruhlman 
Ms. Diane Schwartz 
Ms. Wilma Siegel 
Ms. Pamela Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Willilam Soter 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stiller 
Ms. Shelby Werner
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zuckert

Gifts of $100 - $499

Ms. Kathi Abel 
Ms. Carolyn Alper
Ms. Kathleen Assaf 
Mr. David Axelrod
Mr. and Mrs. John Bartosek 
Ms. Lauren Beshara
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bierley 
Ms. Ellen Boland
Ms. Naomi Brest 
Mr. Chris Callahan
Ms. Jeannie Cavallo 
Cemanco, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Hervey Cherner 
Ms. Margaret Condron
Ms. Sharon Culf-Gorman 
Ms. Samantha Curry
Ms. Cecile Draime
ExxonMobil Matching Gifts Programs
Ms. Elizabeth Fekkai 
Ms. Barbara Flanagan 
Ms. May Furtun
Congresswoman Lois Frankel 
Ms. Lisa Franklin
Ms. Lisa Frantzis
Ms. Cynthia Friedman 
Mr. Harvey Gales
Ms. Jennifer Garrigues
Mr. Lawrence Gates
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gold
Ms. Amy Goldberg
Ms. JJ Grodensky 
Ms. Joan Gustavson
Ms. Dana Hagan
Mr. John Harris
Mr. E. Byron Hensley 
Mr. Barry Hollander 
Mr. Marjorie Housen 
Mr. Norman Jacobs 
Mr. Michael Kadis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kane 
Ms. Helen F. Kaplan
Mr. Deborah Kaplan 
Ms. Francine Katz 
Ms. Curtis Kelly
Mr. Marvin Kleeger
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klein 
Mr. Wyatt Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koenig 
Ms. Sandra Krakoff
Mr. Robert Lagna 
Ms. Terry Last
Ms. Sandy Levine 
Ms. Susan Levitt 
Ms. Cindy Luby
Mr. James Madden 
Ms. Lynn Malek
Ms. Dianne Meckler 
Ms. Xiomi Murray 
Ms. Pamela Myers
Ms. Carol Niffenegger 
Palm Beach Kennel Club Paradise Fund, Inc.
Mr. Roby Penn 
Ms. Marilyn Pet 
Ms. Jane Pflug
Mr. Martin Pomerance 
Ms. Donna Reynolds 
Ms. Shelly Roe
Ms. Wendy Savin 
Ms. Joan Seltzer
Ms. Frances Shelton
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Siegel 
Ms. Vicki Siegel
Mr. Alan Silverman 
Ms. Gloria Slass
Mr. Albert Small 
Ms. Kirsten Smith
Mr. Lawrence Sosnow 
Ms. Sophia Stone
Ms. Fiona Tan 
Ms. Lynn Taylor
Ms. Patricia Travis 
Mr. Robert Vail
Mr. Zachery von Gonten 
Mr. Kenneth Walker
Ms. Norma Wasserman 
Ms. Nancy Weinstein 
Ms. Idell Weisberg
Ms. Eveline Weyl 
Ms. Beverly Wilbur 
Ms. Glenda Wolpert