Our Donors

We would like to kindly acknowledge the generosity of the people and organizations who have supported the Armory Art Center over the past year as of June 2016. The following donors have supported the Armory through general donations and event sponsorships of $1,000 or more or are members of the Armory Inner Circle.

For more information about contributions & membership to the Armory Inner Circle, please contact Dr. Tom Pearson, Executive Director. The Armory Art Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Qualified charitable donations are tax deductible as detailed under IRS regulations.

Gifts over $25,000
Mrs. Mary Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Morrison
Palm Beach County Commission
Edward T. Bedford Foundation
Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Silpe
Mr. and Mrs. William Soter
Mr. Ken Elias and Mr. David Veselsky
Mrs. Jan Willinger

Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999
Ms. Jacquelyn Grimm
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Kravecas
Dr. and Mrs. Ben Levy
Mrs. Susan Lovejoy
Mr. Tim Sotos


Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Baum
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Butler
Mr. Orlando Chiang
Mr. and Mrs. R. Hunter Cushing
Mrs. Linda Dunhill
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Falk
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Goldblum
Henry Kimelman Family Foundation
Ms. Alexandra Herz
Ms. Vickie Johnston
Mr. Jeff Koons
Dr. and Mrs. Jaime Lambrecht
Mr. Chester Luby
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mason
Mr. Vin O’Neill and Mr. Timothy Hollinworth
Mr. Robert Spiegel
Mr. Robert Wechsler


Gifts of $1,000 to $4,999
Mr. Harold Blumenstein
Ms. Geri Camarda
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cherner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph de Melo
Ms. Cecile Draime
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fessler
First Republic Bank
Ms. Cynthia Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gewirz
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Giuffrida
Mr. Joseph A. Goldblum
The Gould-Shenfeld Family Foundation
Mr. Richard Grossman
Mr. and Mrs. James Gubelmann
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Haft
Mr. and Mrs. Torrence Harder
Mrs. Mary Hulitar
Mrs. Jeanne Kanders
Ms. Muriel Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kramer
Ms. Margaret Long
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Masterman
Mrs. Beverly Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nash
PJ Callahan Foundation, Inc.
Publix Supermarket Charities
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rosow
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schoeffer
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Silpe
Mr. and Mrs. Dom Telesco
Mr. Bill Wachter
Ms. Susy Witt
Zachs Family Foundation
Mrs. Susan Zuckert

Gifts of $500 to $999
Mrs. Carolyn Alper
Mr. Jonathon Andrews
Mrs. Laura Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Berenson
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Bernstein
Ms. Susan Bloom
Dr. Elizabeth Bowden
Mrs. Mary Bryant McCourt
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Burger
Curtis Family Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Antje Farber
Ms. Catherine Frantzis
Ms. Mia Glickman
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gold
Gold Coast HI-Lift
Mr. Jonathan Fernans and Ms. Ruth Hartman
Mrs. Cynthia Hochman
JTK Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Ron Koch
Ms. Beatty Kramer
Ms. Audrey Levine
Ms. Chao Li
Ms. Adriana Luchechko
Mrs. Wilma Mooney
Ms. Jill Morris
Mrs. Pamela Acheson Myers
Ms. Jane Napier
Ms. Susan Nernberg
Mr. Daniel Ponton
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Porten
Ms. Barbara Prine
Ms. Robyn Reardon
Mrs. Linda Rossbach
Mrs. Carole Ruhlman
The Scout Guide Palm Beach
Ms. Sharon Semenza
Ms. Jane Shalam
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stiller
Mr. Michael Tyler
Ms. Tamara Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Art Wolpert
Ms. Sheryl Wood

Gifts of $100 to $499
Ms. Gayle Ameche
Ms. Laurel Baker
Mrs. Georgann Ballou
Mr. Jameson Baxter
Ms. Josephine Bayard
Mrs. Carol Berliant
Mrs. Sue Ann Berlin
Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Berney
Ambassador and Mrs. Stuart Bernstein
Mr. Ronald Bernstein-Goff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bierley
Ms. Betty Birnant
Ms. Joan Brams
Ms. Naomi Brest
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Buza
Mr. Chris Callahan
Mrs. Beverly Cardo
Ms. Karen Carter
Mr. Randy Charles
Ms. Rosemary Clemens
Ms. Stephania Conrad
Dr. Brandon Cooper
Ms. Sunni Cretella
Ms. Sharon Culf-Gorman
Mr. John de Medeiros
Ms. Katie Deits
Ms. Mildred Diack-Chilton
Ms. Margaret Dimm
Ms. Margaret Donnelley


Ms. Roni Doppelt
Ms. Susan Dougherty
Ms. Patricia Duncan
Ms. Amy Eckman
Mr. and Mrs. James Else
Dr. Barry Fenner
Ms. Carol Finn
Mr. Bruce Fischman
Ms. Kathryn Fox
Ms. Margo Furst
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gates
Ms. Nita Glickberg
Mrs. Valerie Goldfein
Mrs. Arlette Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gottlieb
Mrs. Carolyn Grace
Mrs. Sylvia Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Greenfield
Ms. Pat Greer
Ms. Virginia Griffin
Ms. JJ Grodensky
Ms. Rachel Grody
Mr. Ray Gross
Ms. Rebecca Hallissy
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Handel
Ms. Emeline Haney
Ms. Sandra Harmon
Ms. Shawn D. Henderson
Mr. E Hensley
The Honorable and Mrs. Harris N. Hollin
Ms. Cynthia Hoyt
Mr. Norman Jacobs
Ms. Jocelyn Javits
Ms. Julie Johnston
Mr. Todd Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kane
Mr. Melvin Kastan
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kellogg
Mr. and Mrs. John Kessler
Mr. Marvin Kleeger
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett B. Kling
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koenig
Ms. Tina Kraft
Ms. Sandra G. Krakoff
Ms. Rita Krauss
Mr. Robert Lagna
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Lampert
Mr. Leonard Landsbaum
Mrs. Laura Levine
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Levy
Mrs. Lucy Lichtenberg
Ms. Ellen Liman
Mr. Tom Lindeman
Mr. Roger Loeb
Mrs. Leigh Lombardi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lund
Mr. Donald Maharam
Mrs. Carla Mann
Mrs. Elizabeth Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Brian