The Artists-in-Residence Program Overview

The Armory Art Center invites artists to apply to the Armory’s nine month Artist-in-Residence Program (AIR). This highly competitive program attracts a diverse group of emerging artists with varied disciplines who have earned at least a BFA. AIR's are responsible for teaching classes to our diverse student/community and have the opportunity to refine their skills in workshops, eight week classes, and to participate in special events. The Armory provides each AIR a studio space which offers freedom to develop their own work, and at the end of their tenure Artists-in-Residence have the opportunity to exhibit their work. Residents also receive a generous monthly stipend and in addition, are paid for teaching and extracurricular events in the community.

Residency Period: August 27, 2018 – June 1, 2019

Application Deadline: Applications are to be postmarked by Monday, April 16, 2018.

The application process is closed for the 2018-2019 residency program.

Please check back again in January 2019


Notification Results: the week of May 5, 2018



Jewelry and Metalsmithing: seeking a jewelry/metalsmith artist knowledgeable in advanced soldering fabrication techniques, some forming methods using various stakes/hammers, surface finishes & patinas, centrifugal or vacuum casting, basic enameling, hydraulic press, and some stone setting.

Ceramics: seeking potters or clay sculptors competent in wheel throwing, hand building, firing reduction, raku, soda, and electric kilns.

Sculpture: seeking sculptors competent in reductive processes, welding, woodworking, forging, mold making and/or casting. Materials relevant to the department include, stone, wood, clay, metal, mixed media.

2D: seeking artists in 2-dimensional media, such as painting, drawing, printmaking, fiber and/or multi-media.

All applicants must have at least 25 hours experience teaching in a studio environment, which includes teacher's assistant (TA).


  • Facility hours: daily nightly and weekend access
  • Production studio area
  • Participation in the Artist-in-Residence group exhibition
  • Competitive monthly stipend
  • Additional income and teaching opportunities in Armory Classes, Armory private classes, and community programs
  • Workshop attendance and/or assistance opportunities with visiting master artists
  • Access granted to studios outside your assigned department


  • Jewelry and Metalsmithing Studio: 2 enameling kilns, 3 rolling mills, electric and manual hydraulic press, burn out kiln, centrifuge, vacuum casting, lapidary equipment, 2 buffing machines, 2 diamond wet belt sanders and 1 regular belt sander, 2 table top drill presses, forming stakes and hammers, multiple shears, enamels, four soldering stations, 6 flex shafts.
  • Clay Studio: 1 slab roller, 1 spray booth, 2 extruders (standard and hydraulic), 16 electric Brent wheels, Soldner clay mixer, pug machine, ball mill (2 barrels), fully stocked/standard dry materials room, low to high fire glazes, clay supply room (clay fee applies*).
  • Kilns: 45 cubic ft. downdraft natural gas kilns, natural gas soda kiln, 30 cubic ft. natural gas-fiber kiln, raku kiln, 10 electric computer controlled kilns (2/10 electrics are testers). Kilns are shared with sculpture department
  • Sculpture Studio: Slab roller, industrial compressor, carving equipment, MIG, TIG, plasma cutter, arc, oxygen/acetylene, propane, clamps/ vice, band saw, table saw, wide-range of power tools, belt sander, grinders, a large supply of stone carving tools/materials, anvil. AVariety of standard materials: waxes, plaster, oil based clays, etc.
  • 2-D Department: easels, tables, wall space, 2 printing presses, running water, ample natural light.
  • Upon request: access to common areas in departments with 2D areas serving as shared spaces and 3D departments including metalsmithing, sculpture, and ceramics shared spaces.

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  • Residents must arrive by Monday, August 20, 2018. Please do not submit an application if you are not available to be on campus at this time.
  • All residents are required to work 12 hours a week for the Armory. Tasks include but are not limited to:
  • Help keep facilities and equipment clean and ready for use and undertake basic maintenance and organizational tasks necessary for upkeep of communal studio. Active participation in the collective life of the Armory.
  • Monitoring for studio hours and assist Master Artist Workshops when needed.
  • Contribute a piece to an annual Armory Art Center Fundraisers.
  • Assistance during the Armory public relations events: exhibition receptions, fundraisers, etc. as needed and is part of your weekly service hours. Additional volunteer assistance may be needed.
  • Occasional conditional changes may apply.
  • A minimum of 20 hours per week on premises in your studio and producing your work.
  • Required to teach at least one 8-week class and one workshop which will be published in the catalog

Explore our facilty with this 360 tour

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