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Treatment and Healing Through Art


What is the Art of the Phoenix?

The Armory Art Center in partnership with the Human Trafficking Coalition of Palm Beaches started the Art of the Phoenix program September 2015 to help teens and young adults who are dealing with trauma from human trafficking. The program is expanding in 2019 to broadly include those who have experienced past trauma from any circumstance.

Mission Statement 

The Armory’s goal is to provide art classes and counseling techniques in a safe space that gives students who have experienced past trauma methods to face their feelings and challenges in healthy ways.

Lesson Plans and Methods

Each lesson plan focuses on providing tools to build confidence and to face life’s challenges. Classes are conducted by a professional artist/teacher and an art therapist or licensed mental health therapist. Class times and locations are confidential, creating a safe space for the students. A new art medium is introduced for each class term. Students are encouraged to take classes for as long as they wish as they discover new art media, talents, and community.

Healing elements of the lesson plans include:

        • Surrendering resentments
        • Dealing with anger
        • Building self esteem
        • Forgiving others
        • Loving self

Join Our Classes

If you have experienced past trauma and would like to participate in the Art of the Phoenix healing art program, contact Brian Wood, LMHC.


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