Hands-On Workshops for Art Teachers Presented by the Armory Art Center
March 25, 2019

Art instructors face an immense challenge to prepare their students for the future with rigorous and relevant education in art. Led by Armory faculty, the workshops will refresh art instructor’s skills in a variety of critical analysis, art mediums, and techniques, so that teachers are able to make valuable connections for students’ learning in relation to what they are teaching.

These new professional development workshops at the Armory are a unique opportunity for art instructors that teach in Palm Beach County to increase their experiences and expertise, develop STEAM lessons while receiving a certificate of participation and form 2401 for submission for School District requirements for recertification.



Workshop #1
Creating a Rubric for Student Art

BOBBIE BRUBAKER, Manager, Palm Beach Regional Scholastic Arts

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National awards bring recognition to students, their schools, and their teachers. Scholarships and admittance to major art programs and colleges are given to students with formidable portfolios. Corporations hire creative people who can demonstrate their creativity in art and science. Creativity is developed as teachers guide students through visual problems. With practice students become more confident and find their personal voices. Help your students to develop their creativity and practice as they develop strong portfolios. As in science, with the ability to think abstractly and understand, there will be hurdles to overcome as a natural part of planning, designing, producing, and teaching students to use rubrics to test the quality of their work. Teach students to recognize and present their compelling pieces with strong artist statements for work submitted auditions, art competitions, scholarship applications, International Baccalaureate presentations, Advance Placement Studio Art Portfolios, and AICE exams. Working from Scholastic Arts and AP Studio Art Exam examples, teachers will work together to develop a rubric to guide students in the selection of their strongest work for submissions to various exhibitions and competitions. Guide students to write effective artist statements, which help to convey their intent for the body of work. Certificate of participation will be given at the end of the workshop. Form 2401 will be available.

Friday, 8:30 am – 11:00 am   
Session 4: March 25th


Workshop #2
Preparing Students for Photoshop Certification Exam

CYNTHIA OAKES, Painter and Photographer

Former PBCSD art teacher and Photoshop Certified Associate will present lessons used in her classroom to help students prepare for the Certification Exam. Vocabulary, technical terms, and jargon used in Photoshop will be reviewed and teachers will use Cornell Note-taking to record the information provided in the workshop. Teachers will learn the industry standard tool for creating rich imagery for a variety of applications including video, print, and the web, which they can use in their digital lab with their students. Topics to be included are: understanding the foundations of digital imaging, get comfortable with the interface and workspace, learn how to use the selection tools, and use layers to manage your documents. Certificate of participation will be given at the end of the workshop.  Form 2401 will be available.

Friday, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm           
Session 4: March 25th  

Workshop #3
The STEAM of Fired Ceramics and
Maintenance of Kilns in the Art Room

MARK WALNOCK, Department Director Ceramics and Sculpture


Learn how assorted chemicals blend with glass to form glazes of various colors and textures and how firing to varying temperatures creates significantly different qualities in finished ceramics, one of several STEAM components of the workshop. Using the kilns at the Armory Art Center, teachers will learn efficient loading and firing of electric kilns, the steps of regular maintenance of kilns to keep kilns firing safely and effectively for years, to recognize worn out elements, and the safe replacement of elements. We will learn the differences between various kiln types and firing methods such as raku and reduction firing with gas kilns. Certificate of participation will be given at the end of the workshop.  Form 2401 will be available.
Friday, 2:00 – 3:30 pm                   
Session 4: March 25th



The Armory wishes to be your resource for hands-on workshops and classes in the evenings and Saturdays. Palm Beach County teachers receive a 20% discount on classes with proof of school ID.