November 07, 2017
6:30PM - 8:30PM
2017-11-07 6:30PM 2017-11-07 8:30PM America/New_York “Personal Spaces – The Quotidian and Surreal" with Sarah Knouse Private

“Personal Spaces – The Quotidian and Surreal" with Sarah Knouse

Sarah Knouse uses fibers, plastics, found objects and other mixed media to create sculptural objects and installations that explore themes of ornamentation and superficial grandeur as they occur at a domestic scale. She combines notions of quotidian household surroundings with those of the ephemeral and surreal. Her fascination in our culture’s relationship with decoration and surface treatment, furthered by her experiences as a faux-finish painter and interior designer, lead to her interest in the interactions that we as individuals cultivate with our private spaces and possessions. As she says, “Aside from adding aesthetic appeal, the objects and processes we utilize to embellish our personal spaces allow us to in some ways author our own identities and histories, project distinct ideals, and even express our economic or social aspirations.” She is curious about the place where these constructed ideals and fantasies make contact with real life.