January 07, 2020
6:30PM - 8:30PM
2020-01-07 6:30PM 2020-01-07 8:30PM America/New_York Art Salon EZRA HUBBARD “BETWEEN REFLECTION AND THE SHADOW” Private


ELLE SCHORR, Facilitator
6:30 – 8:30 pm | Armory Art Center Media Room
$10 donation at the door
Tuesday, October 1, 2019: Ezra Hubbard


Professional artists from South Florida are invited to present their work, talk about their influences, and examine the work of influential artists. Presentations are followed by lively discussions.

Ezra Hubbard, a sculptor and interdisciplinary artist based in Palm Beach, Florida and New York City, is known for his luminous multilayered sculptural work (often utilizing 3D printers) and his provocative and often humorous short films. Tim B. Wride, the William and Sarah Ross Soter Curator of Photography at The Norton Museum of Art, recently wrote, “Ezra has a keen sensitivity and hard-won ability to interweave the weight of sculpture, the luminosity of painting, and emotion of light. Rarely has gravity appeared so ethereal."

Ezra Hubbard’s recent work investigates the relationship between an object and our mind’s influence on what it perceives. In an era when accepted knowledge is being questioned and re-evaluated, Hubbard asks us to consider our process of perception because seeing is no longer believing. Fascinated by the transmission and reflection of light, Hubbard “seeks to create memories and events rather than just an interesting thing to observe.” Hubbard, who has a lifelong connection with the photography of Walker Evans, drew inspiration from Evans’ notion that “It's easy to photograph light reflecting from a surface, the truly hard part is capturing the light in the air.” The celebrated artist of the Light and Space movement, Larry Bell described Hubbard’s recent work, “as portraits of another species of being. Who are these creatures you have created, Dr. Frankenstein?” Hubbard insists his work is about the movement towards transcendence and states that the work “is sparked by deep reflections on people, dreams, time, and the subconscious.”

Ezra Hubbard has worked in the visual arts for more than 25 years. He had a previous career in the film industry as an editor where he worked for major film studios and numerous independents. He earned an MFA in Art Practice from the School of Visual Arts in June 2019. He had a solo exhibition this summer, also titled Between Reflection and the Shadow at Van Der Plas Gallery in New York City. Part of the show featured a generative soundscape created by the Toronto-based sound artist, Ben Oginz. Ezra’s West Palm Beach studio is at Studio 1608, where he will be part of a one night group exhibition addressing gun violence on Saturday November 30.



"Form of Perception. red red"


"Reflection and Shadow. Green Yellow"

"Blue Cube in Decompose"




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