March 07, 2017
6:30PM - 8:30PM
2017-03-07 6:30PM 2017-03-07 8:30PM America/New_York Art Salon: Allison Kotzig Private

Art Salon: Allison Kotzig

Mysteries Of The Forest: Ouroboros, Spirits And Feminine Power

Allison Kotzig is an installation, video, and mixed media artist who works and shows internationally. Her current work is focused on concepts of impermanence, myth, feminine power, fertility, cyclicality, and infinity. Much of her practice involves artistic deconstruction of social justice. Bones and found objects, both natural and human-made, are used along with video, paint, embroidery, hide, and board. Her video work explores dream and trance states brought about by light reflection and movement as they relate to identity, transformation, mystery, and transcendental experience. Her work is rooted in the mysteries of the forest, dream states, social protest, and woman-ism.
In the USA, Kotzig has recently shown work at The Box Gallery and Unleashed at the New Arts Venue in West Palm Beach, Art Fort Lauderdale, the Projects in FAT Village, Fort Lauderdale, Resurrecting Venus at The Amadlozi Gallery, Miami and numerous other locations. Internationally, she’s had solo shows organized by the Embassy of Ireland in Bratislava as well as with Beddington Gallery in France. She often shows work in service of cancer research with Gemlucart in Monaco. Her video work has been screened in Spain, Bangkok, Venice, Rome, Naples, France, and in many locations within the United States.
After leaving school and striking out on her own to explore the world as a young punk rock feminist at age 15, Allison Kotzig lived in her car in a protracted journey across the United States. After returning to school, studying Neuropsychology and getting a MA in Medieval History from Dublin's Trinity College, she now splits her time between Miami and Slovakia. In Slovakia she helps run an Inn and organic slow food restaurant. She is a co-founder of the Slovak-based cook4refugee, which cooks and delivers food to refugees, and of the Miami-based collective Artists for Black Lives Matter.


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Art Salons also offer the opportunity to explore the practical side of being an artist, enhance professional development, share useful resources, and to network with other artists.

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