Michel McNabb

Michel McNabb is a jewelry artist living in West Palm Beach, Florida. She has been creating jewelry using the lost wax casting method since the year 2000. Her art jewelry collection is composed of bright colored vitreous enamel combined with cast and fabricated pieces in sterling silver and gold.   She has been working as and independent designer, attending wholesale shows and juried art and craft shows both nationally and internationally.

Michel earned her BFA at Denison University, focusing on intaglio etching. After graduating she moved to Spain where she lived for 18 years. This is where she began making jewelry, learning from local craftsmen and artisans and implementing skills from her fine arts background as well.

“The process begins with an idea inspired by the beauty around me. It could be a pattern from the architecture or simple forms found in nature and everyday objects.  An idea sparks. This idea keeps me awake at night until I can see the finished piece in my mind. I sit down at my workbench and begin creating. When I work with my hands, I am reminded that I can create objects that will last much longer than I will. These are the things that will be left behind as artifacts of our contemporary culture.”

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