"ECO-ARTIST" teaches youth at Armory Art Center

"ECO-ARTIST" teaches youth at Armory Art Center

(WEST PALM BEACH, FL):Susan Andreasen is an “EcoArtist,” environmentalist and endangered species advocate who is has devoted her career to promoting green consumerism and environmental awareness thorough her artwork. Based in South Florida, Susan has been working on ecologically motivated artistry for nearly a decade in order to drive her purpose of saving endangered wildlife, and ultimately preserving the environment as a whole. A portion of the sales price of every Susan Andreasen paintings sold is donated to an environmental or endangered species related charity.

Susan is teaching a class on Saturdays at the Armory in which students will learn how to capture live wild animals, which do not stand still, on canvas and create a composition with landscape in the background. The students will go into the wild to study the animals as well as to get landscape information for their paintings.

The afternoon class which is from 1:30-4:30, runs for eight weeks, started November1 and continues through December .20th.  Students will work both at the Armory as well as visit several wildlife locations such as, the Palm Beach Zoo, BuschWildlifeCenter, Grassy Waters and LoggerheadCenter.  For the classes at the Armory, the Palm Beach Zoo will bring various animals to the classroom including owls, tortoises a few furry friends.

Melding traditional art and nature art has been successfully achieved by Susan who regularly teaches her methods to students in workshops across South Florida. This method of fusing wildlife art and contemporary art has given birth to new art form pioneered by Susan called "EcoArt." Susan believes that the techniques and ideas of contemporary art can, and should, be applied to the subject matter of wildlife. By portraying wildlife through modern artistic form, Susan hopes to raise public awareness of the needs of the environment and the reality of which animals are on the brink of extinction. Essentially, Susan’s goal is to visit schools and museums, lecturing students on the natural art of wild animals and the eco-sphere using her documented experience as a guide and resource.

"In the Twenty-First Century, I believe man and art have become alienated from nature,” says Susan. “By denying nature, we deny a part of ourselves and an appreciation of nature, thus preventing man from realizing his full potential. By illuminating the devastation of our environment I hope recruit and enliven future dedicated environmentalists to continue this noble cause.”

To register for this class, or to see other offerings from the Armory, call 561.832.1776 or go to www.ArmoryArt.org.


The Armory Art Center is a not-for-profit community-based visual arts center providing opportunities for individual growth, self-expression, increased awareness and appreciation of the arts through participation in studio, exhibition, lecture and other educational programs. The Center seeks to educate, enrich and engage a diverse population through the "experience of art," and is sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Arts Council, and the Palm Beach County Tourist Development Council. For more information on the Armory Art Center and call 561.832.1776 ext. 21 or visit the Armory’s website at www.armoryart.org.



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