Armory Art Center Visiting Master Artist Wins National Competition to Create the Rosa Parks Sculpture for the U.S. Capitol

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ArmoryArtCenterVisiting Master Artist Wins National Competition to Create the Rosa Parks Sculpture for the U.S. Capitol

West Palm Beach, FL. (December 10, 2009) -- Eugene Daub, an Armory Visiting Master Artist, and Rob Firmin, principals of Daub & Firmin Studios, have been selected as the artists to create the Rosa Parks sculpture for the National Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol. A panel formed by the National Endowment for the Arts selected finalists from over 100 artists nationwide. The winners were chosen from the finalist group by the Joint Committee on the Library of the United States Congress.

The announcement today is auspicious as it is the 54th anniversary of the day Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat, and became “The spark that ignited the modern civil rights movement,” as stated by Dr. Martin Luther King.

The winning design emphasizes Rosa Parks’ courage and her defiance that sounded the horns that brought down the walls of discrimination. The full-figure portrait strives to capture her character as she sat immovable against the full force of Jim Crow, and symbolizes her context in the American civil rights movement.

According to Dr. Firmin: “We have created a number of monuments to the African American experience, were familiar with the story of Rosa Parks, and had great respect for her. But our extensive research into her life, as part of this national competition, has deepened our respect immeasurably.” Mr. Daub added: “Our composition reflects her courage, her years of suffering from and witness of horrific discrimination, and the fact that her action was built upon centuries of African American resistance, first to slavery, then to Jim Crow.” The sculpture is the first for the National Statuary Hall since the 1870s mandated and funded by Congress.

Daub & Firmin Studios, LLC has studios in Kensington and San Pedro, California, and its offices in Kensington. Many of its public monuments are intended to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to be aware of their history, and to raise their awareness of what is possible.

Eugene Daub, Visiting Master Artist:

Workshop: February 15-19, 2010

Lecture: February 18, 2010at 7pm

Eugene Daub returns to the Armory with a range of modeling tips and techniques designed to coax every ounce of animation and gesture from of the clay. The first project of the week will be to create a slab/coil hollow form head. This approach allows the artist to push beyond the formal limitations that we associate with traditional figure modeling. Typically this will be an over life size head, relatively light and suitable for firing by the Armory ceramic studio (additional fees apply). The following project will be figure modeling from a live model. The emphasis will be on composition and dynamism. Eugenewill do two demonstrations of relief sculpture, one traditional method and the other from a slab of clay in the repousse tradition.

The Visiting Master Artist Workshop Series begins its 13th season this December. The series has been carefully designed to provide artists at all levels of skill and experience, from beginner to professional, the opportunity to study with the best of today’s master artists working in the areas of alternative media, ceramics, drawing, painting, printmaking, jewelry, glass, metals and sculpture.

Celebrating its 23rd season, the ArmoryArtCenterprovides opportunities for individual growth and self expression through participation in studio classes, exhibitions, lectures and other educational programs. With more than a dozen state-of-the-art studios and a student population of nearly 3,000, the ArmoryArtCenteris the community art center in the Palm Beaches. It is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit.

For more information on the ArmoryArtCenter, or to sign up for classes, go to or call (561) 832-1776.

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