Our Donors

We would like to kindly acknowledge the generosity of the people and organizations who have supported the Armory Art Center over the past 12 months. The following donors have supported the Armory through general donations and event sponsorships.



Palm Beach County Commission


$50,000 to $99,999

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Baum

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Brown

Mr. David Veselsky and Mr. Ken Elias


$25,000 to $49,999

Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs

Mr. Saul Kravecas and Mrs. Marie Adler-Kravecas

Laurence W. Levine Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Chester Luby

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Morrison

William H. Pitt Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Silpe


$10,000 to $24,999



Mrs. Elaine Adler

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Feld

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klein

Larrk Foundation

Dr. Nazare Feliciano

Synovus - Florida Community Bank

Ms. Jan Willinger and Mr. Robert Spiegel


$5,000 to $9,999

BMC Charitable Foundation

Bridge Family Foundation

Fortin Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Grauer

Mr. Jerome Golden and Dr. Barbara Golden

Mr. Thomas Harvey

Dr. and Mrs. Jaime Lambrecht

Ms. Ellen Liman

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rabb

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schur

Sharkey Family Foundation

Mr. Robert Wechsler

Ms. Diane Young and Mr. Philip Johnson


$1,000 to $4,999

Aaron and Sylvia Rothenberg Family Foundation

Mr. Richard Baxter

PJ Callahan Foundation, Inc.

Children’s Healthcare Charity, Inc.

Orlando Chiang

Regina Fisher

Frankel Family Foundation

Mrs. Gail Hughes Galli

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gewirz

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Giuffrida

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gottlieb

Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Gould

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Greenfield

Ms. Jacqueline Grimm

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Halpert

Mr. and Mrs. Torrence Harder

Harry Kimelman Family Foundation

Ms. Gloria Herman

Ms. Ann Hobson

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hornstein

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Howard

Mrs. Jeanne Kanders

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Katz

Ms. Connie Kay

Mr. and Mrs. John Kessler

Ms. Kelly Klein

Ms. Roberta Levine

Mrs. Ellen Levy

Mr. Robert A. Lewis

Mrs. Kelly Luchini

Mrs. Zelda Mason

Ms. Sara Mesirow

Mr. David Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Miller

Mrs. Lillian Miotto

Mrs. Barbara Morgenstern

Dr. and Mrs. Simon Parisier

Ms. Marilyn Pincus

PNC Wealth Management

Mr and Mrs. Benett Rechler

Ms. Libby Royer

Mrs. Carole Ruhlman

Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Shalam

Mr. Frank Sica and The Honorable Colleen McMahon

Mr. and Mrs. William Soter

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Taylor

Ms. Dorothy Thomson

Mr. Brinkley Thorne

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Vogel

Ms. Daphne Weaver

Ms. Nancy Wolf

Mrs. Sheryl Wood

Ms. Judith Zachs

Mrs. Susan Zuckert


$500 to $999

All Star Martial Arts Academy

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Altschul

Artist and Charities

Mr. and Mrs. William Aylward

Mr. William P. Baer

Mr. David Berley

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Birnant

Mr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Erneston

Mr. and Mrs. John Eulich

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Finch

Mr. Bruce Fischman

Ms. Susan Gardner

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gayda

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Greenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Haft

Mrs. Rita Hendel

Ms. Marieluise Hessel

Mrs. Myrna Hill

Mrs. Hayley Jarvi

Ms. Natalie Josephs

JTK Foundation

Ms. Geri Kafton

Ms. Susan O. Lane

Ms. Kathleen Mara

Ms. Dianne Meckler

Ms. Beverly Myers

Ms. Sherry L. Norris

Ms. Patricia Raber

Ms. Barbara Rentschler

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rome

Ms. Sharon Semenza

Ms. Mildred Smith

Mr. Michael Tyler

West Palm 100

Ms. Barbara Wild


$100 to $499

Ms. Pamela Abrahams


Mr. Jack Bemporad

Ms. Anna Bergalis

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Berkley

Mrs. Sara Bernstein

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bierley

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Birnant

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Burger

Mr. Phil Bloom

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blum

Mr. Michael Corpuel

Mr. and Mrs. Juan Cocuy

Mr. Mark Cohen

Damps Cigars

Mrs. Dora Dixon

Mrs. Margaret Donnelley

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Elgort

Mrs. Christine Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Finkel

Ms. Enid Fisher

Ms. Catherine Frantzis

Ms. Jane Geller

Mr. Gerald Gibian

Mr. William Graham

Publix Supermarket Charities

Todd S. Greenberg Charitable Fund

Ms. Phyllis Gutmann

Mr. and Mrs. Brett Handler

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Haney

Ms. Nancy Hanlon

Mrs. Marthe E. Harwell

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hellinger

High Five Foundation

Mr. Milan Hughston

Ms. Jackie Kaminsky

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kane

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kanarick

Mr. Rick Kantor and Ms. Barbara Kaplan

Ms. Muriel Kaplan

Ms. Donna M. Katen-Bahensky

Mr. Gideon Kiriat

Mr. Marvin Kleeger

Mr. Arlene Kurtis

Ms. Shari LaBrenz

Dr.  Edie Langner and Mr. Michael Coles

Ms. Donna Levy

Ms. Cindy Luby

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lund

Mr. Donald Maharam

Ms. Beverly N. Marshall

Dr. Patrick McPoland

Mr. Dennis Miller

Ms. Shirley Moore

Mrs. Susan Nernberg

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Roth

Ms. Elsie Sanftleben

Ms. Lillian Schneider

Ms. Donna Schneier

Ms. Dottie Schultz

Mr. Alan Silverman

Ms. Gloria Slass

Ms. Christine Spiak

Ms. Patricia Toogood

Ms. Phyllis Taubin

Mrs. Norma Wasserman

Ms. Suzanne Weinstein

Mr. and Mrs. Rich Weinstock

Ms. Beverly Wilbur

Ms. Glenda Wolpert

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zusy


*Updated February 2020


For more information about how to make your impact at the Armory, please contact Natalie P. Beck, Director of Development, at 561-832-1776 ex. 100 or natalie.beck@armoryart.org.

The Armory Art Center is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under IRS rules. Gifts may be deductible as a charitable contribution under Federal income tax laws. Please consult your individual tax advisor to determine the deductibility of your contribution. Federal Tax ID No. 59-2808612.